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How Foster Hall might look

The Foster Hall Revival Trust commissioned design consultants TfT to show how the hall and attached buildings might be converted into an amenities centre. TfT was chosen because it had undertaken the design work for the recent conversion of a chapel in Bodmin into a Wetherspoon pub. That work was relevant because the chapel had been built in the 19th century using similar materials to those used for Foster Hall. Local firms were employed to carry out the conversion and TfT was therefore in a good position to estimate the costs of converting Foster Hall.

To illustrate how Foster Hall might look as an amenities centre, TfT produced drawings and artists’ impressions of the hall, plus a detailed cost estimate for the conversion work. It has provided:

  • existing plans
  • proposed plans
  • proposed roofing
  • cost estimate
  • interior visual
  • exterior visual

Foster Hall will be refurbished and equipped to act as a flexible space:

  • in theatre format, with adaptable seating for conferences, meetings, concerts, plays, cinema, streamed events, etc
  • in more open format, with tables and chairs for banquets, business and group events, weddings, etc
  • in open format, for dances (taking advantage of the pitch pine floor), exhibitions, etc

The first buildings in the entrance approach are shown as retail space, to provide a convenience store for the area.

The rest of the entrance approach is shown extended to include an indoor restaurant and an outdoor beer garden/cafe.

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